At The Vineyard our hope is to create a place that feels more like home or favorite hangout than traditional church. Here saying we are “family” isn’t a clique it’s who we are. We want to get to know you better, hangout, grab dinner, learn more about Jesus together, grow your faith and serve others with this community by your side.

Here’s What You Need To Know

Weekend Experience is our gathering on Sunday. It’s an opportunity for people to experience Jesus through worship, prayer, biblical teaching and fellowship. We meet at 9:30am
You’ll be greeted warmly, someone will be happy to show you where to take your children, show you around our facilities, where to grab a cup of coffee and then help you find a seat.
Worship will start at 9:30, there will be about 30 minutes of worship and 30 minutes of teaching, announcements, prayer and offering add a few more, but you’ll be out of here by noon to grab lunch, or stick around to chat for a few minutes like everyone seems to do each week!  
The entire service will be less than 1.5 hour. The atmosphere will be casual and encouraging. You’ll find people dressed in everything from business casual to jeans and a T-Shirt. Whatever your previous church experience, you are welcome at The Vineyard.


We want to equip you to influence the world with the Gospel message of Jesus. This is important to us. That’s why The Vineyard seeks to equip everyone that wants to take the Next Step.
Equip Classes help you get to know the vision of The Vineyard, you’ll meet the pastor & team, receive resources to discover your unique role in the church and ask any questions about making The Vineyard your church home.


Being in community impacts our life and reminds us that we shouldn’t do life alone. That’s why Community Groups are the life of The Vineyard.
Community Small  Group We want to connect you to a smaller, more personal community of the Vineyard that encourages growth and creativity to share the Gospel. Community Groups are where The Vineyard sees the real wins in life, this is where the magic happens. 
Community Groups are located throughout Northwest Arkansas and provide a place to meet new friends who will walk through life with you. 


The Vineyard is a place where everyone is significant and has purpose, it’s where YOU matter. We believe that God has a great plan for your life and we are honored to come alongside you in your faith journey.
We encourage you to fill out the Connect Card, we promise we won’t bug you! A simple welcome letter and small gift is what you can expect.  We are excited to welcome you to the family!
click to fill out a connect card online